Beloit Area Bike Maps

Visit Beloit provided a grant to make this map project possible.

Visit Beloit provided a grant to make this map project possible.

Welcome to the first edition of our collection of great bike routes in the Greater Beloit Area. For the first edition there are 33 routes covering urban areas and the picturesque countryside of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  We’ve taken advantage of Wisconsin’s and Illinois’ excellent network of paved rural roads to create our 33 bike routes.

There are PDFs files for each route you can download and print, and GPX files for Garmin or your mobile phone.

How to Use a GPX File

Here’s some videos on how to download and use GPX on Android, iPhone and Garmin.  Here’s a great article on usig GPX files.

RouteDistanceElev.TerrainGarmin GPS FilePDF
Map 1 - Janesville40.2 miles716’Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 1 - Happy Hollow24.2 miles411'Rolling Hills
Map 1 - Highway 1134.2 miles725'Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 1 - Town Line18.9 miles379'Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 2 - Sharon35.1'753'Rolling Hills
Map 3 - Krueger Pool Triathlon13.8 miles408'HillyGPXPDF
Map 4 - Carvers Rock 34.2 miles698'Flat to HillyGPXPDF
Map 4 - Tiffany Bridge 23.5 miles361'Flat to HillyGPXPDF
Map 5 - Hanover 37.4 miles930'Flat to Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 5 - Plymouth Church 38.3 miles743'Flat to Hilly
Map 6 - Lake Geneva 82.3 miles2545'Flat to 'Granny Gear' HillyGPXPDF
Map 7 - Yale Bridge: Hauley 24.5 miles481'FlatGPXPDF
Map 7 - Yale Bridge: Sharp 18.1 miles267'FlatGPXPDF
Map 7 - Yale Bridge: Short20.1 miles305'FlatGPXPDF
Map 8- Durand41.3 miles890'Flat to Very HillyGPXPDF
Map 9-Roscoe 26.6 miles721'Flat to Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 9 - NorthPointe Triathlon17.2548'Very HillyGPXPDF
Map 10 - Rockton Door Road13.9 miles155'FlatGPXPDF
Map 11 - Stone Bridge Trail20.9 miles357'FlatGPXPDF
Map 12 - Clinton - Shopiere26.1 miles672'Flat to HillyGPXPDF
Map 12 - Shopiere Alternate21.4 miles568'Flat to HillyGPXPDF
Map 13 - Shirland32.1 miles674'HillyGPXPDF
Map 13 - Rockton Harrison33.8 miles712'Hilly
Map 14 - Steve Gregg Rock River Loop2.5 miles10'FlatGPXPDF
Map 15 - Beckman Mill20.4 miles560'Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 16 - Darien46.7 miles965'Rolling Hills to HillyGPXPDF
Map 16 - Clinton34.8 miles768'Rolling Hills to Hilly
Map 17 - New Glarus103.7 miles2881'Very Hilly
Map 18 - Dry Creek Estate Winery24.8 miles716'HillyGPXPDF
Map 19 - Pecatonica61.3 miles1445'Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 20 - Avalon31.2 miles556'Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 20 - Milton-Shopiere23.8 miles280'Rolling HillsGPXPDF
Map 20 - Tiffany Cafe17.2 miles241'Rolling HillsGPXPDF

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